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Log | Timber

We specialize in new construction interior & exterior staining and varnishing in the log home and timber industry.  Protecting a new log or timber home is imperative in extending the beauty, structural integrity and life of any structure.  An action plan of maintenance coating immediately follows in terms of importance.   Exterior wood finishes are far from alike on all fronts; in protection, cost, preparation, application methods and maintenance intervals.  Every project is unique and we confidently advise our clients with all of the necessary information to make an informed decision when selecting the proper way of protecting their investment for generations.    Another key component in protection and internal climate efficiency is interior and exterior caulking and chinking.  We execute all initial caulking and or chinking on new homes and have the means to tackle the required maintenance the years that follow.  As the new structures settle, the logs and timbers continuously dry out and the maintenance of the caulking diminishes.  The key areas of caulking attention are the vertical corners of the home, and the horizontal cracks in the wood surface, commonly referred to as checks.  These are natural in any log or timber structure, and while they add character and beauty, they need to be contained on every exterior.  As water enters these cracks it becomes trapped.  Trapped water on the exterior of a log or timber will accelerate decay, if it freezes, it expands and contracts thus enlarging the crack.  All of these variables will lead to an unnecessary and avoidable acceleration of wear and decay of all scenarios.  We aim to advise our clients how to protect, maintain protection, all to ultimately avoid repair and the restoring of damaged surfaces in the future as they are in most cases avoidable.


We have a unique approach to the treatment of existing wood surfaces that have been damaged by lack of stain protection, poor water management and other variables. When treatment is not an adequate solution to brighten and prepare the structure for re coating, chemical stripping and media blasting options are explored. This is necessary when dealing with deteriorated finishes that have exceeded maintenance coating as an option. This is also a great option if changing the stain color is desired. Media blasting is a form of sand blasting, while extremely labor intensive, this form of removing existing stain has advantages. The main advantage is, in addition to removing old finishes, is maintaining the architectural scribe of the log or the desired rough sawn finish of common timbers used. Unfortunately in some cases rotting logs, framing and other structural components of your home require extensive repair beyond treatment and blasting to prep for stain. There are many variables that contribute to accelerated wear and rotting of wood. Some factors are poor application of stain, subpar materials used, or lack of adequate water management, such as grade, flashing or gutters. We have the ability to replicate any log or timber at many of the sawmills we regularly use. This allows us to remove the rot completely, replace the damaged wood, as well as identify the contributing factors to eliminate damage moving forward.

Painting | Staining

There is a common misconception that paint is paint and that statement couldn’t be further from the truth. There are specific washes, primers and topcoats for every application and we take all aspects very seriously. Drop cloths are used on all of our sites as well as required masking of surrounding surfaces. All processes associated with your project will be communicated and that includes preparation, application and future maintenance required to maintain your investment.


Personalized custom staining & paint matching, refinishing of existing pieces and protection of new. Barn doors, furniture, entry/ internal doors, pergolas, fencing, decks and beyond.